? Product Center-Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai)Co.Ltd. (WinSun)
  • Winsun-Guangzhou Opera House
  • Winsun-Hainan Internaition Expo Center
  • Winsun-Beijing Galaxy SOHO
  • Winsun-Phoenix International Media Center
FRP Profile

FRP ( fiber reinforced plastic) is a indoor and outdoor personalized customized materials developed by Winsun to meet the project's large heterosexual furniture, applied in the production of personalized furniture, landscape and functional products.

Features and performance

Features: easy to implement complex designs, exclusive raw materials, fiber ;techniques, high quality, high durability, high strength;

Application: Widely applied in high-end places such as SOHO


First company invents 3D printing FRP in China

Integral 3D Construction Printing Technology
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